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  • hi. cregox here.

    we call ahoxus our life project in which we continuously share our work in hope you will enjoy them like we do! 🥰 learn about what we do

    we love to create

    we make software, food, spaces, constructions, water, relationships and much more, while improving the whole world at the same time!


    play free mind games, learn how to unlock your full life potential to enjoy past, future, an immersive focus in the now!


    get all your files organized, starting with the best email service you will ever need! #achoz will get included soon.


    you should probably #uproot before, but you can jump straight into developer mode and test our beta personal data search tool, to find anything you ever created in your digital world.

    map to ahoxus in the planet

    please go to our old page for more details

    we all shall use #fupl (or latest agpl) free software source

    how can we connect?

    email anyone@ahoxus.org

    or come visit!

    or even further below...

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