basiux - ahoxus

the basiux kinda started coming back from the dead already! but it may turn out just a last short lived breath.

granted, as predicted*, openai already created it through chatgpt, but it may never become free enough to really reach its potential while microsoft/openai have a leash on it.

here cregox uses the concept to bring more of the basiux to life. if you can apply the idea (it ain't so hard), you will see it.

for getting updates in 2024, try a64 on telegram although even this site might cease to exist by the end of the year! if so, it will hopefully be in favor of some fediverse. but perhaps cregox just gave up on digital computers.

ps: * on the first web pages, you can read things like "Luigix should use the basiux engine to make an actual Samantha, from Her." as the last step of the roadmap, and talking about openai only on the latest edits, "In short: we want to build a kind of openai universe for any user, focused on making it fun and social" referring to the first ai tool openai released (keep in mind basiux existed before openai!).

pps: cregox just noticed he lost access to github (due to many system failures, none of which he had a primary fault at) and got a bit sad because we will probably never update all the broken links on, which still shows up first on search results. perhaps completely out of place this second half of this huge note, but i will leave the joke here... cauema thinks they will be fine as she insists to move away from all that crap anyway. while caue stands confused with all those personas and on what to do next as i need to decide now on the shortest day of the year in which country i will be next week, right after xmas and the 1y anniversary of maica's death.

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