a template, to be sent over email

this template is taken from our latest email to a guest!

the gif at the end is always a nice touch, isn’t it?


dear #guest,

your registration to visit ahoxus is confirmed.

arrival: 2020-10-26 18:30 travel method: bus accommodation: trailer departure: 2020-11-02

security deposit amount: €256 payment method: cash on arrival the deposit will be given back on departure

please make sure to bring warm clothes for the cool days in the mountain area.

for further information:

  • how to get to ahoxus http://ahoxus.org/map
  • what to bring http://ahoxus.org/stay
  • car ride https://cregox.net/car

i look forward to welcoming you!

and please write to me if you have any questions in the meantime.

with love, caue


rulote ahoxus, r da conchada andraes, vila real 5000-751 portugal

—- cregox.net/ahoxus +351 918424479