fupl - ahoxus

you can find the free to use public license under sourcehut: http://git.sr.ht/~cregox/ahoxus/tree/master/item/license.txt one link will go straight to the raw file, while the other url goes to the site with ugly mobile ux. and here you find the ahoxus 2024 manifesto which includes a bit more of explanation for the license! why? because good quality software needs certain characteristics thaf only get legally protected by a license like fupl. just open source ain't good enough! for a few more practical references, you can look at stallman's manifestos on a lot of popular apps, this list of awesome software using agpl (haven't heard of agpl yet?), or my random curated ranked list of "good software" below, based on numbers out of my ass, almost ordered by rank. from 0 to 100, where 100 will be ideal: 98 http 97 lichess 96 fediverse 95 archive.org 91 gnu things 90 delta chat 89 organic maps 86 termux 85 kiwi 84 fdroid 80 brave 79 android 78 presearch 70 telegram* 10 whatsapp 60 duckduck 40 google maps * 20 tiktok* 15 youtube 5 chatgpt* 3 microsoft 2 google 1 apple 0 windows i personally use everything above 77 and still with too much frequency the 4 ones marked with an asterisk (telegram, gmaps, tiktok, chatgpt). to stop using the bottom ones ( <20 ) ain't easy, as they offer many convenient features and amazing ux. except for windows. why so many people still consciously choose to use it will forever be beyond my comprehension! i quit it in 2008, and ubuntu back then could already serve everything, even good games. and windows ux was never, ever even good. bleh. who cares? source 20231224Z2213