hyundai made the best ev battery and nobody knows it

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more details (in portuguese) at [olx].

“the best [ev] battery” (on the market) means:

  • it’s the most economic one.
  • even after 5 years and over 100 thousand km, it’s still at 100%.
  • charges from 5% to 94% in just 40 minutes.
  • drive up to 230km real scenario (vila real to coimbra).

other highlights:

  • satisfaction guaranteed for 2 weeks: your money back if you’re not happy with it (less 0.10 EUR per km)
  • gps tomtom
  • android+apple car
  • heat pump (the most economical sure conditioning)
  • original transparent glasses (for better trip viewing)
  • seats and drive wheel without heating, makes the lighter and more energy efficient (the heat pump do it very rapidly anyway)
  • no leather seats, more comfort and less noise
  • original infinity sound system offers amazing clear crispy music
  • front car collision prevention system
  • adaptive cruise control
  • automatic windshield clearing
  • driver only climate control, more energy efficiency
  • contactless keys to open, close, and drive with the keys never leaving your pocket
  • led lights
  • back camera
  • parking sensors
  • rain and luminosity sensors
  • electronic shift gear
  • electronic parking brakes
  • wireless phone charging
  • CSS fast charging

tested autonomy: 180 to 230km (deepening how you drive) during days with more than 15C in portugal.

low consumption: my average 13kW/100km and down to 10 in the best days. in other words, 1.3€ for every 100km when charged at home with night economy fare (about 10 cents per kW).

but charging cables included, for street and home, which doesn’t need to install anything (if the grid is already strong enough).

benefits of an electrical cast in portugal:

  • lisbon free parking - parquímetros EMEL (12€/year);
  • free parking whole charging, with plenty of interesting free spots (not many people use them because the charging costs can be very expensive, plus almost nobody have EVs yet!)
  • no taxes (IUC)
  • way cheaper and less maintenance than fuel ones (about 1/3)
  • practically no noise
  • completely with no emission and their smells

only for sale or to trade in for xbus (or similar) in excellent battery condition. we really need another car category now.

see below some reference pictures for the art we still want to make on it.