did you mean [mapping]?

some ways to locate ahoxus

  • exact (gps) location:

41°16’15.3”N 7°40’28.2”W (rua do conchado, andrães, portugal 5000-039)

it’s about 12km from the nearest city (vila real, 50k habitants), or 16 minutes by car, or over 1h biking.

and around 1h from the nearest international airport (vila real have a small one), at porto. but lisbon and valladolid (in spain) are also viable options. porto flights might be considerably more expensive and rare.

we usually will have someone to pick you up at the vila real bus station if you need. just let us know!

andraes have basically no public transportation.

  • current shape of our land:

/gallery/2020-03 reserva shape.jpeg