alternatives to social media

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originally from this [pioneer] post.

work in progress

i personally have quit twitter and most of those middle online social grounds already.

because they’re way too centralised.


  • mastodon is decentralised. which also makes it much harder on the users because it’s a trade off and a new ground. trolls are very alive there! even the most tech savvy people, if they have enough “followers” will eventually give it up today. probably.

  • scuttlebutt is even more decentralised. but it’s also much harder to install, to use, and it gets way too slow if you add more than a few dozen people or just one big “feed” into it. it’s even literally impossible to know who’s using it, unless they advertise it elsewhere.

in practice

social mediums are all somewhat bad, by design.

they’re all more like fun places to make a tini tiny connection with random strangers.

and they all fall prey to the centralisation conandrum. it’s not easy to do it differently. but i argue necessary for our collective health.

then what?

so a better practical alternative: simply doing something else!!

online social media is exactly like drugs. it’s all fun while you’re at it, but they add no value to life otherwise. except if used cautiously, at which point they can work as a better relief mechanism than tobacco.

do you smoke?

never did. but i find online games to be a better time filler, because at least you’re training your reflexes and some brain abilities. the past years i’m in love with vainglory, a mobile “moba”. good to train the inner rage as well.

i’m sure you can find your own “something else”. just don’t over do it. even something as productive as cooking or cleaning/organising can become too much.

for whatever “productive” even means.

we should be seeking more for enjoyment with love. ^_^

– cregox