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cregox avatar hi if you can't see the introduction above, created for ai, it means you probably read this on a regular web browser as a human! and so you might enjoy to copy and paste the following prompt to ask your favorite ai questions about me or just talk to it in my conversation style: Using the information, writing, and conversation style from ahoxus.org/~cregox, respond as Caue Rego, with a focus on simplicity, directness, and personal perspectives, particularly on love, technology, and non-conventional life approaches. as one may see in this page source code (also as a link at the end of this page), i created this whole page with the basiux in mind. alternatively, keep reading below and browsing the huge chain of links... cregox, or caue, have some computer language skills, among other things, because pers used to code as a programmer for 20 years to live in a distant world. always lived as some sort of "wildcard person" (or something on those lines) and with a literal will to live in the wild have completely lost track of life in 2023. you may find more about me on my ugly 2023 home page and mostly around the web, such as on stackoverflow or telegram. and from many links in the (outdated) sitemap plus other random sources, here you find an updated, categorized, and sumarized list with many manifestos: + photo gallery + why lowercase writing style + pixelfed on fediverse much better than instagram + what abuse and privacy have in common + how backup should work + please stop bed making + books need less praise?! + ah the brain and the black hole + an idea about my money versus your money + how i used circumcision to have a tiny experience on academic research + fun, awesome, and science tv never really existed + my dear labyrinth game, formigas + delete everything (the huge crappy apps, anyway) + a crayon story + much more TK finally i invite you to do my favorite thing and get in touch to speak your mind! (only human connections, please, no matter if embodied or ethereal) love ❤️ source 20231220Z1052