some of them want to use you…


sweet dreams are made of… spam!

not really. 🤣


i actually worked on freaking [facebook], around 2016, as a content moderator. for 1 year.

it was a job to [pay the bills]. i did my best to comply with three policies, my own world view, and keep my sanity for very uncommon reasons. i might be the only person among the hundreds in that building that took 2 free psychologists there (they were really good) and got zero results from either. they would probably never fire me, even if i constantly was at the bottom of moderating performance. i never hit the amount kpi, just the quality.

what bothered me there, beyond the lack of humanity, was by far the lack of [freedom]. and this is so common that almost nobody sees it!

the only true merit in the moderation is against digital abuse. by that i mean what was generally classified there as “spam”: scam, flooding, gibberish trash (was mostly allowed, as far as o recall), and general attempts related with money and hacking.

this is, of course, always valid. but up to which point, exactly?


everyone knows the actual origin is from monty python… TK


[forums], i came to learn this year, are the same bullshit, in general. because they give incentives for moderation. yes, ALL of them.


i can surely understand what people worry about spam and advertising and abusing… but was i really abusing? from their point of view, yes!

so i got shut down.


in one word: autonomy. decentralisation. each user and reader take responsibility for their consumption. this is crucial and the only true solution.

this is why [scuttlebutt] concept is beautiful. and what will make [mastodon] bigger than twitter, one day. hopefully the amazing [delta chat] above all other messaging systems, soon enough.

and to promote my fish also a bit: [disroot].

all those services have this 1 thing in common: they don’t try to block anything or anyone outside of pure digital abusers. everything else is left to the law of each place. as it should be.

there are many more pages in here taking about the solutions. not all of them are so easy to digest, such as our [privacy manifesto]. keep digging! 😘