why redundancy is so important

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should we be using less gif’s?

i’ve wrote too much about backup. a lot of times.

it always ends up being about how i was trying to keep some of my data to myself.

one of the big beauties of computers is how they turn copying data into an easy task.

make it simple to generate redundancy and avoid losing important data.

the internet was made as a backup/redundancy plataform, folks! - let’s honor that, shall we?

now… what data is important?

trying to answer that is like trying to predict the future.

i want to keep all my data, or as much as possible (specially textual and such small data points).

we need to. for sanity. funny enough, 2 of my backups failed to find this link due to searching issues(*).

can we trust ourselves to always do it manually?

true backup needs to be automatic, ffs. computers are also much more reliable.

problem is, even today, that’s still a freaking difficult quest. lost lots of data on the way. :(

because most “engineers” forget that internet redundancy principle. myself included. it’s in our culture to forget it.


computer wise, in the past i’ve used a combination of 1 local backup and 2 different clouds. now i’m with just 1 cloud, and fearing for the life of my data. plus never managed to properly automate videos and most web content. still, i do manually download them and do automate part of it, thanks to a few awesome online services.

guess we’ll have to keep on trying

(*) or perhaps i should stop worrying so much about it and keep on the one and only ultimate backup: chao... i mean, [gratitude].

to be more specific about a few things (how they were in my past, before jun 2019)…

  • the local backup was apple’s time machine. the mac would also have a dropbox folder synced into google drive.
  • now, with chromebook, time machine and dropbox are gone, as backup tools. but dropbox was never reliable to begin with, and time machine, well, i forgot the password (not to mention it’s also quite unreliable, being a single physical disk and all). even while using 2 password managers. because none of them reminds us of saving a disk encryption key. privacy getting in the way of security, once again!
  • the 2 backups that failed to find data i was looking for were hangouts and getpocket. i know the data is there, i could find it in pocket later and i’m positive i’ve shared it, but both SEARCHES failed to find it. completely frustrating. thankfuly, google helped. with the right keywords. and only because the old link wasn’t broken (yet), of course. old internet links are bound to be broken faster than my memory of them. mostly. even with the web archives. plural. (those archives are, btw, fundamentaly stupid ideas based on the bigger stupidity of flawed internet protocols that don’t include personal backups as the one i envision here).
  • google in general, its “tracking”, gmail (i do forward them all to a backup gmail), getpocket and ifttt are my main web content true backup tools. everything else is manual, including freaking google takeout and, in a way, drive.
  • a few hours later, and after going through almost all my 882 pocketed items about curiosity, i gave up on finding the link for sanity i had in mind. it was something about how the mind needs to feel security in life and i related it with how i do it by using backups. at least in my mind. and i blame my poor backups for that being unable to find it! i may try again later, when i get one with proper search. or perhaps if you, dear reader (is anyone even there?), snag me for it.
  • since we’re talking about sanity, chaos and all that, perhaps it’s good to mention on another random topic i just stumbled: how we should not force ourselves to sleep as another heatlhy measure. it’s not about 8 hours or anything more than trusting your feelings. i use no alarms and lose no flights (due to sleep, anyway). and speaking of health… we should exercise. less.
  • yes, i know i rely a lot on curiosity. it’s worth it. you should too. with proper backups! ;P