looking for [the book]?

is there a better option?


i’ve talked about books before (or rather written about ‘em) and the sentiment is basically the same:


books are outdated as a data transferring medium. at least for us, humans (although not sure they would apply to anything else).

they were, and still are, mostly designed to be a self contained world. be it fiction or not. that in itself makes them much bigger than it needed to be, if they were more integrated into a global knowledge, like wikipedia. which is bad for writing and reading.

not everyone can write a book, which can be a good thing, but even who have something to say and can write it, may never get it to your hands, you who might need it most. logistics wise, that’s no comparison with the internet, at least on the world today.

the negative points of books are plenty. so many i never managed to get to all of them, after all these years…

granted, they still offer some advantages over the internet, such as no batteries required and… erm… being able to broadcast easily what you’re reading? what else, really? everything else is just [brain] conditioning: smell. screen light. etc. in practice there’s no comparison.

then what?


of course!

i personally refuse to read basically every book. in a way, i’m a living proof that one can get quite a lot of data for oneself without books.

thanks to the web, of course. wikipedia alone can already take a lifetime to be fully read into comprehension.

there’s also more video content really well done than time in one’s life to just watch them all. why settle for less?