this is a big draft of a real story about nothing. lots of TK because it’ll still change a lot.

TK needs to be shortened into smaller pages.

take 4 minutes and enjoy!

picture a crayon.

the crayon.

and then there was light! and darkness… oops, light again, but a teal colour. what the actual fuck?

a teal crayon.

it is removed from the pack, by a kid.

she draws two circles.

the sun shines over the earth.

a spiderman drawing in an old computer. smooth. and superman, pixelated, seen, now, in a new computer.

a grown up kid is playing world of warcraft. a computer game, played online by thousands of people at the same time, fighting mostly against computer medieval magical monsters.

beside another virgin grown up. both silently.

the power goes off. all is dark. someone screams an uptight “shit”. there’s silence. and laughter.

the laugh turns into a hospital siren.

a red crayon gets smashed by the ambience wheels, running fast.

surgeries are taking place in a person. in the eyes. a simple genital cosmetic. something on a butt.

a fart. turns into shit. garbage. compost. a common recycling cycle in an ecovillage.

a baby is born. and another one.

pink and blue crayons, mixed together. indistinguishable.

a couple is having sex. the man is on top. they’re both fully enjoying it. he cums outside. she’s relieved. he’s exhausted. or was it the other way around? they do it again. and again. every day. a couple of years go by, reducing this vital frequency. once a week. once a month. 10 years later…

they dress up and go together into an office. before they can sit in chairs far apart, suddenly, it is now a beautiful agroforestry (syntropic permaculture). and they’re breaking apart, moving away from each other, sadly, crying. then, an intense hugging and kissing.

a cyan crayon is among the pens on the desk.

the ocean. a sea front view. beautiful balcony. simple apartment. a calm paved street on the front. an annoying night street light. light pollution on the sky.

cars. driving back and forth to work. just a 30 minutes commute through nice green spaces mixed with small towns. a bit tiring. a bit refreshing. no biggies.

friends are playing games in the apartment. two married couples and a single woman. the kids play together. one of the couples have no kids.

a green crayon is used to draw a name on a piece of paper. Jesus? TK the paper goes into the man-with-no-kid’s forehead.

he is now in the agroforestry. it turns into monoculture. some beautiful snakes around. and spiders. a few mosquitos. rats. wild boars. yes, tamera.

dancing alone. some people join. so much love, but too much distance. contact dancing. slow and a lot of contact. it ends very quickly. a balloon in the sky. a new person, from outside, just join in. they sit together on the sunset. play fight. and kiss on the ground.

he is now meeting someone from the contact dance. they sleep together in a tent. and have sex. side by side. it was clearly attempted before, but this time penetration worked. then, the next morning it’s good bye.

driving with 2 new friends. one sleeping in the back. two laughing in the front.

leaves them behind, they’ll be hitchhiking now. fun moments.

grey crayon.

someone’s driving. alone. for a long time. in the city. in the mountains. traveling. going to work. basically no laughing. sometimes practicing singing.

cyan crayon.

one note turns into orgastic moaning. now in a bed. two more attractive people, dressed in black, are doing sexual massage to him. it’s no big deal, but there is some learning of new techniques that increasingly improve the sex performance, such as the moaning. still remarkable!