looking for [video]?

TK boy, this page really needs a revamping!

yes, we also make films!

mostly, trying to start on tiktok now.

cregox filming.jpg

wait, what? what does it mean “also make films”? is cregox a filmmaker?

he wished. the potential is certainly there, if you’re kind enough:

first video produced mostly alone and edited on a cell phone… such a long story.

very proud of being the other half making this damme thing (haha). we did it in less than a week!

no effort done on walking down the stairs here, unlike one may be led to believe due to superb acting, back in 2007. pure talent!

the difference between an amateur and a professional

there’s the obvious “getting big financial returns”.

and there’s the body of work.

either by quantity or quality.

a single recognizable piece of art can be worth more than a thousand of films of any size (contrary to the belief of an image worthing for a thousand words).

and dozens of nice shorts will raise the bar higher than one or two meaningless videos (like the ones on this page).

always shoot to the stars!

do something unique. even exquisite, if you will.

keep living.