my adaptation from atari


formigas is a tiny game i’ve made using MIT’s “Scratch” visual language, in 5 days from january 2014.

you can still see it working in 2020, but only really if you have a physical keyboard or some way to emulate the arrow keys.

it was inspired by the same game made back in the 90’s, around 1996 i believe, when cregox was at most 15 years old, using QBasic on DOS.

which, in turn, was a copy of an atari game called Labyrinth. i’ve used Gorilla’s code mixed with another code from an MSX 3D labyrtinh book game, together with a lot of nested if’s.

both were quite fun to build.

but this scratch version have only 1 big drawback: forward compatibility with reality. it’ll probably stop working before they can update it according with the latest tech… on the bright side, it still works today and you can even see the source code, which is immensely smaller than the previous version and anything i could’ve build in any other language, for achieving the same results: working on a web browser, nice graphs, some sound and music, easy feedback (although i don’t think i’m getting any notifications there), etc.

i thought next time, i would make an adaptation to javascript with some more interesting twist… but if i ever do this again, it’ll be in yet another unexpected future event.