or locaws. haha, so funny! not.

neil ball

why didn’t he flinch? randomized!

why do we use a different set of letter drawings to start every sentence? isn’t the ponctuation enough to separate them? i think it is.

and paragraphs should be short.

even when telling a story. of course there are good reasons to make big ones, especially in this case, however since most of the time all we want is to communicate simple ideas it’s a better habit to keep it short.

there’s absolutely no science here this time. got a will to do this, and done.

even my name. starting to write it in unison everywhere.

why even keep your name the same way you write them? rather just use uppercase when emphasis is needed. because not always can we use bold, italics or font size. and because we can!

and, for no good reason, I’ll keep the “I” big. or not.

this is a work in progress. it has been for a long time. and it will keep changing.

can’t promise to hold on any of this.

live with it! ;)

originally posted on medium back in 2017-05-14 and modified