manifesto is the new blog


[checklists] are great, aren’t they?

like that time (around 2014) i’ve made a list for a camera and found narrative… and later yet, noticed it was still not the time (2018, i guess?) for such a camera to exist yet.

anyway, here’s the checklist for what’s a manifesto:

  • git compatible
  • [wiki] like editing
  • static comments or no comments and a link to somewhere like [mastodon]
  • ability to quote? like medium and discourse (not sure it’s such a good idea)
  • responsive. this also means easy to embed videos and images that will be optimized for mobile
  • offline. [pwa] should be default, with web notifications rather than emails. or both.
  • easy navigation through edit history. like wikipedia
  • keyword based. rather than posts. manis must be frequently updated. again, like [wikipedia]
  • it’s analogous to knowledge sources like encyclopedias and dictionaries, rather than news or blog
  • even if it’s a story, it should frequently be updated
  • decentralised. no idea how.