thanks for all the inspiration, richard!! from gnu, fsf, wikipedia, and so many details and things in between, i can’t thank him enough!

i never seem anyone with as big of an audience as him (supposing it’s at least in the millions) to be able to be so engaged with random internet people (such as myself, to him) on any medium. even less on email…

yet, he somehow did it.

and i can’t advice you enough, dear reader, if you’re a random internet dude with something to say, to try us out. hit him on email. me on wherever i am by the time you’re reading this (as of may 2021, i suggest delta chat, or telegram @cregox).

finally, for now, also try and show him some love back. he’s being pushed back by the world’s current stupidity wave and can use every help available to get the word, and truth, out there!