ahoxus are people who live and work in a land, together in small groups, towards improving the whole world through little actions.

and we invite you to join us!


in practice, we’re going to live in trailers in a piece of land with trees and away from the cities or buildings. and cultivate the land to have better water and nature than before we arrived. without completely forgetting some basic and cheap conveniences, like a hot shower (solar heated) and internet.

first caravan

ok… sounds crazy!

well, yeah.

it’s big!

after all, “the whole world” means both each small group’s reality and of everyone’s.

we are constantly focusing on the small things. moving slowly. steady.

the project is loosely based in tamera’s healing biotope, with all the science and political theory, but none of the pseudo science that surrounds basically all similar projects. it’s also a sort of regenerative culture movement.

think of a tiny country in a small piece of land, without any army. or perhaps imagine a self sustainable (rather than sustained) “community-reserve”. we don’t plan to be off the grid. just to be able to, if needed. “community-reserve” is in the sense we want to be treated at least like a natural reserve.

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wip tk

this is a work in progress, “to kome”. being made by cregox.