freedom with harmony

ahoxus is a group of people living and working together to improve our reality!

our core principles move around being really aware how the human mind, mainly the brain, is unreliable. optical and auditory illusions are a couple of simple examples of how it consistently malfunctions.

and, still, reality is perfect as it is. filled with problems, defects and/or issues. acceptance of the harmony and balance of the universe (and beyond) brings us the peace of mind and freedom to work towards a better home for everyone of us.

for instance: paradoxes are language bugs. when trying to define the world or reality from top down, by describing what we observe, we end up with natural logic holes. computer languages, built from bottom up, have no paradoxes in themselves. they’re pure logic. but as we try to put those tiny pieces together to build any reality like ours (within our own) the bugs multiply in the poetry of the software. reason why there are so many computer languages. we (humans) are trying to get rid of the paradoxes!