freedom with harmony

ahoxus is a group of people living and working together to improve our reality.

the project is loosely based in tamera’s healing biotope, with all the science and political theory, but none of the pseudo science that usually surrounds similar projects.

think of a tiny country in a small piece of land, without any army. or perhaps imagine a self sustainable (rather than sustained, we don’t plan to be of the grid, just to be able to, if needed) “community-reserve”, in the sense we want to be treated at least like a natural reserve.

our core principles move around:

carpe diem

wisdom is applied knowledge. as such, understanding a new concept of the mind by itself already brings wisdom.

seizing the day means being always aware of the whole reality while focusing on the present, rather than forgetting everything else. as anything else in life/reality, it’s a matter of balance between letting go on the conscious voicing mind and keeping in as much valuable data as possible on the top (or back) of the mind. around it. among the whole harmony of existence.

keep in mind santa claus isn’t real, but it exists in our imagination nevertheless. as an anthropomorphized concept of goodness. it might even have been real in the past, somewhere, in a parallel reality, as much as it could still come to exist in our unpredictable future. then again, an abstract concept like time travel isn’t real but it exists as a concept. existence is, thus, broader than reality. which, in its turn, encompasses the whole universe, beyond its physical or scientific definitions.

think about it. make your own inner logic to work in your favour. question everything. and enjoy the ride!

communication theory

as another instance of our philosophical work: paradoxes are language bugs. when trying to define the world or reality from top down, by describing what we observe, we end up with natural logic holes. computer languages, built from bottom up, have no paradoxes in themselves. they’re pure logic. but as we try to put those tiny pieces together to build any reality like ours (within our own) the bugs multiply in the poetry of the software. reason why there are so many computer languages. we (humans) are trying to get rid of the paradoxes!


this is a work in progress. being made by cregox. get in touch.