be prepared for the chaos

ahoxus helps you to reduce all your money needs down to zero.

a complex work in progress.

you could, for instance, [change] the lifestyle and mindset we all were born in: no need for a job market!

also, you could start with a much simpler first step:


free as in “libre open source” solutions for you:

  • e-mail: ever felt it could be better?
  • file: is it easier to search the web than finding your own files?
  • guides: why deleting the excess in your digital life just makes sense.
  • ready to use. see [uproot] for more details.

pricing options:

free plan hosted with us for selected members. subscribe below to get news on how you may join the beta. (hint: you may need to read a lot!)

self-hosted all powers and responsibilities in your hands. free, you just need to host and do it all yourself. (it’ll be easy to follow our guides)

premium support for everyone.

all options are simple to use and hard to abuse. notice how all options require $0 paid to us.

start to [uproot] your digital foundations today!


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ahoxus is much more than just a product.

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