prepare for the next crisis

ahoxus could be your life’s project: a big piece of land to live with your friends and family with zero need of anything from the outside!

here you can find ideas around how we are living in shelters at the countryside (10ha, north of portugal, since march 2020), with trees and away from the cities or big buildings, mainly by following some steps of many giants (such as tamera).

we will cultivate the land to have better water and nature than before we arrived. all along with some basic and cheap conveniences, like a solar heated shower and the internet.

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co-create a paradise

this is a unique opportunity to join in the first stage of building an eco village! we have a rough draft of what it’ll be, most of it will be built together with you!

you may also want to just look at the plan and look for inspiration of how you could start building your own paradise anywhere!

keep moving

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