how we can water the plants without pressure

water is life

we still don’t know how, but for sure it’s possible!

our water tank have 1000L and was filled up before we knew what we’d do with it, exactly.

at some point, we managed to hose it up and water the plants using small holes for dropping just a little each time we open up the valve.

it worked!

but then, when we tried to automate it by using whatever we could find on the local store, the pressure was clearly not enough for the whole garden (about 20m of pipes and just 30 holes).

it was either the filter to protect the electric valve or the filter’s shape. no luck finding someone who knew…

looking for solutions, we eventually found a way to raise the pressure without losing water (yep, it’s not the “ram pump” technique - we don’t know if it’s even a similar physical principle), but it was applied to the grid, which have much more pressure to begin with.

we still haven’t managed to test this in our scenario, but at this point it might already be quite inspiring if you’re in a similar situation and have no idea where to move!

nowadays, when there’s always a solution to everything, it’s still mesmerizing how the simplest things aren’t done just because we have so many hacks way more complex but also made cheap by time and amount of “people energy” invested in it over the decades.

(photos and links to come)