a relationship manager open protocol to be used for anything!


there are way more customers than agents in every great business.

and too many of them have redundant issues.

but there’s also a big lot with complex problems. and bugs not only in the system, also with the group’s human errors.


think of a forum in which (per default):

  • emails are turned into public posts, with an instant reply to opt out
  • you can enter a topic and have a chat like conversation with one person or a group
  • you get instant notifications of new messages on your chat or topic, plus emails when you’re not online
  • you’ll get summary emails when the topic gets closed

a bit crazy, huh?

but think about it:

  • forums are much faster than email and don’t require so much time interacting such as chat, phone or email
  • integrated with the community. not just employees would have access to moderation tools, for instance, but also volunteers who enjoy your group! (like in stack exchange or discourse)
  • offer up to full transparency, in layers. open source projects should love this. i.e. versioning and automated local backups, like email SMTP. in yet other words: the moderators can be moderated by anyone
  • no trackers. anonymous IDs, following ideas of covid19 private trackers. no need to waste so many precious resources by tracking. results speak louder
  • manually assigned badges, that can be manually revoked, but scrubs only by different levels of trusted users, can promote whatever behaviour is needed from users, moderators and agents