let us know more about you

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joining us happen like in any deep relationship, such as strategy partners or marriage.

the comitment, however can be just #online or go much further than in any named bonds.

think how you could allow a stranger coming to your home: how to turn them into friends even before they arrive?

basically, the sooner we start to meet each other, the more chances we get to build trust.


if you’re interested in our [uproot] project, let’s meet online!

first, read this website. everything. it’s not so big.

then choose your preferred method (generally, email and voip is ours), find a member, and get in touch.

remember to send us as much data from you as you can. perhaps follow the #suggestions below.


so you want to [visit] us and join, even if for just 2 nights, our work force?

we ask you to take some time and tell us more about you!

below there are a few data point suggestions, but feel free to [contact us] with more info with whichever way you prefer.

you could, for instance, copy and paste this in an email. and don’t need to bother sending data we already have from you! 😏


  • all names
  • gender
  • birth date
  • birth place
  • nationality
  • email
  • web links
  • home address
  • phone
  • passport number
  • preferred language
  • date and time of arrival
  • date of departure
  • arrival method (car or bus)
  • wish to be picked up at the coach bus station
  • accommodation (your own or ours)
  • security deposit of 256 eur (cash, bank, or bitcoin)
  • daily contribution
  • single contribution
  • ahoxus contact person
  • have you read and agreed to our [privacy policy]?