basically everything related to github below doesn’t work anymore! we finally moved away from github now!

will update it all soon to plain html and gemini protocol 🥰


yes, you can help to build ahoxus and even learn some coding in the process!

there are basically 3 options:

learn markdown (optional)

create a new file for “#jesus”

(you’ll need to login or create an account)

that’s all. write right there everything you think there should be on this page! :)

however, it’d be really nice if you can also do the following (open here):
  • name it or something (like - just hit backspace on the space for name and add “.md”;
  • add this front matter to the top, replace the title for whatever you want, or just remove the whole line:
title: whatever
layout: page
published: false
  • (optional) advanced front matter (also what we use, mostly). yes, you can even upload an image, but we won’t tell you here how (yet):
title: could be anything
description: this is good for opengraph
date: 2020-07-17 16:00:00
image: spaces allowed.jpg
permalink: /anything/
  - /could/
  - /be/
layout: draft
published: true
  • again, optional, but try styling it up with markdown!
it's very easy to make some words **bold** and other words *italic* with markdown. you can even [link to ahoxus!](

sometimes you want numbered lists:

1. one
2. two
3. shrubs, i mean tree, or something

prefer bullet points?

* start a line with a star
* profit!


- dashes work just as well
- and if you have sub points, put two spaces before the dash or star:
  - like this
  - or that

# structured documents

it's useful to have different levels of headings to structure your documents. start lines with a `#` to create headings. multiple `##` in a row denote smaller heading sizes.

### this is a third-tier heading

you can use one `#` all the way up to `######` six for different heading sizes.

if you'd like to quote someone, use the > character before the line:

> ice cream. the finest solid-ish food made out of liquids ever devised... for ever.
> - who cares who said that?

even just creating the file and writing your suggestion in plain text is already simple enough (other than needing to login) and much better than trying any other contacting form! please try that first. :D

we do wish to, in the future, replace this process with something even simpler… but don’t hold your sweat on it.

thanks for your willingness to help! :)