view of a paradise

come co-create it from scratch!

this is an idea to be discussed and thought through together.

we are accepting 10 new members because that’s our estimate of how many people can comfortably and lovely live in our land today. the thinking is growing slowly and getting to know and help each other. and for that end, even 15 might already be too much.

we want people who are ready to shift their world and live with us for 1 year. read everything here. talk to us. act by yourself. in other words, if you need to ask many questions every day, it’s probably better you start visiting some well established communities first (such as tamera, in south of portugal, about 5 to 8 hours away by car).

this is a project being made from scratch, now (in 2020) entering phase 1 of execution. this includes cooperating to flourish an integrated living and following our core values. all in this portugal’s countryside 10ha of land. this means if you arrive today, you might find nothing in the land except trees and some wild life! as of july we have a very small shared space: a cheap car, our first tiny house and a tent, since april. and that was good enough to start living here!

at first, it’s not self-sustainable. still, the individual daily cost we calculate as something that might start as low as 10 euros. all basic needs covered, such as water, food, electricity, and internet.

with as little as 5k eur you can purchase and bring your mobile home to our land. you can then move it out to anywhere you want. it’s your home!

when the project hits phase 2 and becomes completely self-sustainable, we’ll add an option for visitors at 20 eur for at least 1 week. the income will go to the community and may be shared among members.

those daily costs can be further reduced, depending on how much value you can bring. everyone will be required to live and work in the community. kitchen. garden. composting. maintenance in general. an equivalent shift of up to 4h per day, average. 20h per week. but we don’t really think in those terms, as you’ll learn…

doing the math, you can easily retire within our lifestyle. in an analogy-estimate, with just 60k in your pocket, you can pay for at least 10 years of life.

as soon as we assemble the new members we probably should crowdfund (among us or elsewhere) to build the kitchen, some compost toilets, and a hot shower, for instance. these mustn’t cost more than 5k all together if we build them ourselves.

no smokers. zero tolerance in this phase. it’s essential for security against wood fire, in portugal.

only organic material is allowed to go in the land, from cosmetics to paint and anything that may quickly leak underground.

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recapitulating the main points:

  • this is just a plan, to be remade!

  • be #readytoshift and act fast.

  • bring your home.

  • get at least 3650 eur ready for minimal costs over 1 year.

  • no smoking.

  • only organic.

  • pay attention to all details.

  • come enjoy life with all its potential and in harmony!

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