multitask is possible under the right context


ahoxus is about living in an unbalanced harmony.

for instance, our main goal for june 2020 is increasing transparency through written content: first page of the bible, improving the website just a little bit more, etc.

this is a task that, if forcedly focused on, could be completed within a week. but it would most likely be just as bad as any story that’s made on a deadline. take soap operas, series and even movies with limited budget. almost all our media made for consumption.

in this context, it’s better to keep as many parallel plans as it is convenient.

planting, toilet, kitchen, seeds/bitcoins, video, reach, etc. each one of which could use a page on its own for explaining what’s being done.

perhaps there most important and forgotten parallel plan we all have in common is the unplanned points. the unexpected. we estimate it’s always, at very least, 20% of everything we do. this can vary widely, but it’ll never be zero and it can go up to 99%, for those best case scenarios in which planning isn’t needed at all. road trip, anyone?

it goes by many names: randomness, chaos, god, luck, inevitable. it’s always there.