a fully remote accelerator?

we’ve been using pioneer gamified system to get some feedback since 2019. here are the latest ones.

however, we’re not the usual “startup” in any measure.

  • perhaps the most common feedback we get from pioneer community: confusing, too much text, looks like a blog, etc.

  • we also get some wondering how they could actually move towards their own “ahoxus”… to that, we have every intention to help. for now: just get in touch and ask!

  • some people do understand it and even say “it’s very clearly written”. amazing enough (to our surprise as well), the one person who we finally managed to reach and get in touch with was exactly the target we had in mind! (he found us on YouTube, read the webpage, and got in touch over the comment section).

  • we do want to reach just a few more people like that (10 in total to be precise). reaching too many people would make us unable to respond to everyone.

  • using our current limited resources to increase reach too much can also hinder our development.

so we decided to make this page as a landing place for pioneer community.

if that’s how you landed here, please continue to take it slow and move forward to the landing page. and thank you so much for doing so! 😆