what are you building, in a sentence?

content. to get you inspired and start your own crisis-prepared-living, we moved from the city to the country side. fix your life today!

but what kind of content? is my life even broken?

any kind of content. beginning with many manifestos, such as this very page.

and yes, most people (in fact, way too many hunans) are living in a broken system and completely unaware there are much better options!

they’re never easy options, and you’ll have to find your own, but they are real. you probably just need to become aware, so you can choose for yourself.

tell me more!

again, there’s no magical solution…

we’ve been using pioneer gamified system to be accountable and get feedback, since 2019. lots of older iterations are printed on google drive. also, you can find them on frontier by following the chain (under the comments). since the last day of august 2020 we started to add a lot of comments there as well. do take a look at the first one!

pioneer is basically a startup accelerator.

however, we’re not a “startup”, by any measure.

we are building some startup projects, such as sanflowers for instance.

but ahoxus isn’t that.

sit back. take a deep breath. imagine you just stumbled on something randomly/serendipitously.

keep reading (below or elsewhere)… and enjoy!

common points raised on pioneer updates

  • perhaps the most common feedback we get on pioneer: confusing, too much text, looks like a blog, can’t understand this or that, etc. if you’re considering to add in that pool, by all means, do it! it’s still good feedback. but, if you’re aware it’s the most common, perhaps you can get creative… 😁

  • we also get some people wondering how they could actually move towards their own “ahoxus”… to that, we have every intention to help. for now: just get in touch and ask! spoilers: it’s very hard and that’s why we couldn’t put any guide online yet. even doing syntropic agroforestry (ernst gotsch), which should be simple and taught in pre schooling, is rather complex and plain hard to begin with.

  • “call to action”. pioneer folks are eager for one. sometimes we have one, like the hope for people to join us. but, since this is not selling you anything, the main call to action will probably always be along the lines of stop. breath. meditate. think. read.. we don’t need you to do anything for us. start with you. focus on the present moment. that’s all we want from most people who visit the website!

  • some people do understand it and even say “it’s very clearly written”. here’s one feedback from middle june 2020: “Great progress since I last encountered your project (about 4 months ago!). I suggest having a visual timeline on your homepage that shows where you are and what you’ve done since 2019. A visual timeline for a long term project like yours will serve as motivation to beat the timeline. Good job!”

  • right now (in 2020) we do want to reach people personally (10 to move in, for instance). but just a few. reaching too many people would make us unable to respond to everyone. so it’s also good that we don’t have too much input, so…

  • … using our current limited resources to increase reach too much can hinder our development by a lot!

please continue to take it slow and move forward to the landing page.

and thank you so much for doing so! 😘