because everyone wants to be and have one

oh yeah, we do and we are!

we all need a human who can be our slave for a while. think about it.

someone who’s able to find the best and cheapest products that we need, but we hate shopping.

or simply shopping for clothes. it’s a market of people who don’t want to do it so big, say least in the USA, that stitch fix “is doing fine, thanks for asking”.

ok, two instances around shopping, but it could be anything, from dish washing to calling mom. whatever you dread to do, but needs to be done. once or often, whatever.

yes, this idea came around today while we were trying to purchase a usbc power bank with 30A and which includes at least an usbc cable inside, for less than 42eur, without any extra money costs. there are a few extra challenges in this, but if you’re in portugal and try to find it on stores, even online, you’ll quickly see it’s actually something hard to do. from our preliminary research, this should be possible, though! the task might take a lot more than 2 hours, depending on your expertise.

a slave is something we need very often, and it goes by many names. concierge. assistant. all rich people know it. but there’s an opportunity here to be analysed for the rest of us…

what’s more…

everyone wants to be a slave

true story, actually. everyone wants to be a slave of a loving master!

enter tamera, again. TK

a simple solution

let’s all do it!

just need a way to organise who’ll be doing what and when.

capitalism sure helps to manage this. and so do technology. tools matter too.