an ahoxus tale

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a long time ago a big kid, aH, was eating cereals on a bowl, sitting silent on a chair, contemplating the sunrise.

there were buildings everywhere. the sun felt warm, mixed up with the cool morning breeze. the corn flakes with sugar and soy milk gives an unfamiliar taste aH got used to, of industrialised convenience with a little bit of the so called healthy food. it feels great!

suddenly, aH saw another kid, oX, brooming the floor and frowning and buffing, mostly looking down.

as soon as they looked at each other in the eyes, from distance, and oX looked away, aH felt a lightning bolt jolting through the lower back spine. aH instantly yelled an almost silent and deep roar, and lost all the air in the lungs with the deadly and paralyzing pain.

just 14 minutes before, oX remembers, they both were talking and laughing in harmony. it’s not even important what was being said. the feeling of mutual enjoyment was very vivid. what could have happened in such a short time that aH started to not only be so selfish, but also stated to ignore oX obvious actions of a common annoying chore that needed to be done, as if it was all good? it wasn’t all good!

oX’s daydreaming ends. 1 minute have elapsed since the jolting.

oX came to join aH around. brought a chair and the broom, then sat beside aH. without ever looking at aH’s direction, oX put the broom beside aH and mumbles something. aH couldn’t hear it.

aH continued to be in pain and without air. unable to move. holding the spoon. still.

oX moved away without ever looking at aH. picked up the broom and left the chair there.

about 7 minutes later, flashback TK

the pain haven’t left aH yet, who was standing there without any movement. oX came back, even more annoyed than before, feeling completely ignored during all this time.

and then oX saw aH. noticed the stillness. but was still noticeably angry in the voice:

- are you ok?

aH just nodded with the head.



below there was the previous text/content, which needs to be elaborated and improved like the one above. TK

now worried about the weird deadly pain, they went to seek help. took a long path over the mountains, to find other big kids: the medics. one looked at the injury and heard their story. then, the medic was sorry, for there was nothing the medics could do. then the medic continued to take care of other kids, who were bleeding or unconscious

aH was, after all, basically recovered by the time it took to get to the medic. but the pain was real. and so was the invisible internal scar…

7 minutes

nothing like this ever happened during the 7 years before, since they’ve been together.

this flashback should be about past and future moments, without a clear distinction.

it’s important to distinguish the first flashback time elapsed from this one: it took a short time for oX to first approach and a much longer time to realise what happened.


  • still a draft!
  • real legendary stories (including real dreams)
  • ready to be filmed
  • men dressing like girls, women like boys, ungendered
  • no makeup, no making up
  • little to no dialog


the last chapter?

aH is in a class room. bored. it’s some sort of exact science class. no teacher arrived yet. the big kids talk and play among each other. the window shows some birds and trees. aH keep starring at them. it’s always visibly a dream, but as with most dreams, this one feels real.

uZ, a bald and bold person, brings their chair close. aH looks at uZ. uZ smiles. with a quirk side lips. aH smiles back with a mix of shyness and frustration.

a teacher comes in. both aH and uZ are not interested in the class. they know it already. suddenly aH, who was on the mid back row is now on the front. the teacher continues to teach. then stops.

gO, a smaller kid, interested in the class and curious about all things, look at the sunlight shining from the window with all the dust inside, points at it and ask aH:

- is that air?

it’s not air. it just shows the air. every single gas is completely invisible. but the air (composed mostly of N, O, and Ar) can suspend particles of matter and, inside a room like this, with the contrast of the sunlight hitting just a few of them, it’s easy to see the indirect air.

aH goes back near uZ, who’s happy to see aH is back. so is aH. but aH implies being unsatisfied there.

uZ tells aH to just go to another class, then! aH chooses art. and almost wakes up.

aH is at the bed. eyes closed.

aH goes back to imagination, now a clear dream-ish like state. filled with questions. must i start recruiting people now? spreading the word? but how? joining a school institution? fuck that (sorry uZ)! “big promotion! you can win a car and a land space to build your house!!”? or just start video recording this very story on your own, to quickly publish? so many thoughts and ideas and terrible ideas…

a star splits into 2 on the sky. one stays, the other one moves as a satellite would. it’s 0600. completely dark. aH wakes up, look at the sky, and gaze at the splitting star.

gets a phone, and start writing this story.

it’s now 2h later and morning, with plenty of sunlight from the cold sunrise.


the deleted parts, and everything else that changed, should be in git’s history log, somewhere. the date stamp on the top shall have a link.