free as in “libre open source” solutions for you

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ever felt your digital life could be better?

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in fact, the whole project is focused on this above all! we call this point of view [achoz].

  • search through emails together with files
  • search your files faster than the web, even offline
  • get a copy of our guides to search them offline if needed
  • also search through wikipedia and much more!


reliable services and practices:

  • basic spam filtering
  • unsubscribe from emails you don’t read
  • backup emails on your devices and multiple online hosts, using nextcloud


redundancy and indexing:

  • multiple hosts, multiple devices, using nextcloud
  • delete or compress big files
  • special plans for videos or images (not included in the free plan)


deleting is as essential as saving:

  • how to delete google, facebook, and every closed source that hinders your personal freedom.
  • links and instructions to many feature-full solutions that already exist today, such as delta chat and mastodon.


3 simple options:

self-hosted all powers and responsibilities in your hands. free.

since everything is open source, you can just copy it, tweak at will, and use it.

free plan hosted with us for selected members.

storage space will be much less than most services, but still plenty for a fair usage without big media ( images, audio, video, etc).

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donate to fairly extend the limits imposed by free services.

the sky is the new limit.


premium support for everyone means human responses in less than 2 days and average in less than 2 hours.


the ultimate security is very simple to achieve:

  • backup. redundancy. in your end. in multiple hosts. as much as you can afford with time, money, or whatever resources you’ve got.
  • encryption helps to keep abusers out and prevent things like spam and scams.
  • information and hints placed when needed helps you to remember what matters when needed.
  • legally, there are no warranties. in practice, you’ll be your own and ultimate safety net and able to never lose or be unable to find your own data again!


[subscribe] for a better chance of [joining] the beta release.


based on disroot, as described by cregox.