information for guest visitors

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if you don’t need sleep accommodations and food, or you bring your own, just come!

there are a few restaurants in a 5km radius. we recommend “sabores da aldeia”, near the aerodromo small airport.

we also recommend to arrange a date in advance if you want to meet someone. for that, just:

be aware we love to have long conversations and play games.

finally, here you can see the directions and come visit!

for now, you can see some (outdated) things to expect on arriving here at airbnb, an unreleased project (we don’t offer a typical “bed and breakfast”, or even a typical wild camping but you may find it quite enough if you’re very adventurous!).

finally, you may also consider to join our “work” force or simply [staying] for some time.

we love visitors. remember to breath, come, and see for yourself! 🥰