looking for the manifesto about capitalism?

water falls like money flows, sometimes

we love reciprocity!

thank you so much for your will to help capitalising cregox!

our free work is based on trust and reciprocity, and every single time we get any feedback through money it is a big signal there’s something right in our work.

hopefully you’ll also want to get in touch and give us some feedback as well.

i believe that as of today (check the date stamp on the top) there’s still no simple unique way to send money to someone over the web, so:

perhaps the easiest way for you today is transfer wise.
<small>although they actually make it much harder on me, because they offer way too many options and apparently no central way to deal with them. i could literally create an account and get [bank information for a direct deposit in 6 different currencies](https://transferwise.com/gb/borderless/card) but it's probably best for you to just open an account there... yes this may look like it's harder, but if you haven't done any other way before, just go and try all other options and you'll see.</small>

here’s my referral link to create an account there and get a discount on your first transfer.

when you have an account, just send to cregox@ahoxus.org

for now bitcoin is the general ideal mean for me.

it’s no piece of cake though, sadly. it’s ideal because it’s by far the lowest tax and it’s as close to direct transaction as computer money will ever get.

in case you might be wondering, we use blockchain.info luxembourg.



how to use bitcoin?

revolut works fine.

using your revolut account send money to contact: cregox@ahoxus.org

you can also send it through iban, bic, sepa and swift:


LT82 3250 0835 3533 4600

why (and what is) revolut?

activobank for old farts, using iban.

activobank is by far the best portuguese bank, for remote and online operations around bic, sepa and swift.



or contact us about other options! ;)

i’m positive we can find a good option for both. we take even paper money, coins or paypal, depending on each situation.

paypal is a last resort because it works very well for small quantities but it’s just not that reliable.