chaos from a to z


[ahoxus] helps you to reduce all your money needs down to zero.

achoz, by ahoxus, is a simple and [free/libre] open source solution to integrate everything for all your digital needs.


using [emails] we can replace all your [facebook] and other such needs:

  • identity: freenom for free nameserver
  • site: your unique profile using data
  • [forums]: a mailing list using sourcehut
  • messengers: with [delta chat] and jitsi (plus telegram and voip while no ringing)
  • social media: [mastodon] and scuttlebutt
  • irc: much better with forums and messengers


using my magict scripts with termux, git and rsync, we replace most of your google/microsoft needs:

  • files: nextcloud and syncthing
  • photos: magict to reduce older unselected photos size periodically on files
  • music: any radio app? TK
  • videos: magict? plus lbry? TK
  • office: nextcloud and libre office? docs, sheets and slides TK
  • server: bobcares from digital ocean? TK netlify, any free servers, easy to migrate with magict, including dns


  • ledger: need something better than budget bakers wallet TK
  • bank: bitcoin, of course… good to have money, even without any need for it!


this is the most complex, yet, once everything else is set, it’s also the simplest one to resolve!

  • google, bing: use searx
  • pc: a #mobileofflinefirst webapp for ripgrep


mostly inspired by disroot and sourcehut.