veritasium managed to go even deeper into randomness than vsauce (the previous prominent video below)… precisely because it is so much more human than technical.

that’s it. that explains it really well!

but if you need more…

what is love?

/gallery/dice.jpg how people like to depict “random” today

baby don’t hurt me, oh more!

was this random? was it?

click {here} to “randomize” the sentence below!

this is being generated by a pseudo generator, which is something explained in the vsauce video below, and not really as random as it may look.

how about this? random enough?


let’s begin again from another point…

here is one of my previous ramblings about what is random?

now i don’t do blog anymore. among many reasons, also because it has no versioning. no true backup.

i do these manifestos, instead. eventually, as usual. chaotically, if you will.

how random is talking about blogging and manifestos in a random manifesto in here? not much, actually…

perhaps vsauce brought the best explanation of randomness ever.

it’s no coincidence he ends the video talking about “god”.

randomness is basically patterns we can’t recognize. in other words, a sort of intelligence bigger than ours.

because once we become smart enough (and this happens every second both for the individual and the collective) we learn more about new patterns that were unrecognizable before.

with that in mind, let us hail a flying spaghetti monster. or whatever. chaos, perhaps?



there’s much more to say about all this…

the next part goes so much deeper into the whole philosophy in my mind behind all that have been already explained, i felt better to move to its own page:

buckle up the [logic] belt.