it’s a waste of resources.


profit from sharing and caring instead!

simply put: in the long run, to the world, it doesn’t add any benefit.

i’m completely against the gdpr. and i cannot stress this enough!

yet, cookies and tracking in general (like google analytics) should still be discouraged, but for sustainable reasons.

yes, it can help profit for the first year, or even 10 years, of your endeavour. depends on how much you want to push it.

but at what cost?

you see, the whole picture is that we all benefit from the whole when we the whole can benefit from each one of us.

indeed, covid19 taught us (hopefully) that tracking can even be good. the difference is precisely on the whole.

if we’re tracking to improve the whole world above our own little circle and our belly button, then it’s fine.

however, if we (like i was just minutes ago, but now might have successfully stopped) doing it just to grab more data and have bigger control over ourselves, then it’s already using resources that could be better used elsewhere. and, as any good intention, it’s pure evil.

it’s inevitable. evil will always exist. heck, i wasn’t using that data for any practical purposes or even looking at it. it was there just because it’s default and i might want to use it one day. i love days after all!

whoever can track such evil down on your own life, and eliminate it, will also remove a little bug inside your own head, knowing you did good.

preaching aside, since this is still mostly am unedited brain dump, picture this:

flight tickets.

why every single airline company have a dreadful website filled with complicated process for buying tickets, which fluctuate immensely depending on the flow?

i argue that one big culprit is the secretary job. you see, there are more of them than developers working on such complex websites. and they are the biggest investors in such airlines. they make the developer life easy, because they have the whole time in the world to handle its malfunctioning. which obviously sucks for everyone else who have no secretary.

so, a seemingly harmless work, of the secretary, could be (very likely) wasting resources (their actually very valuable time) on something useful if they stopped giving incentives (money) to a terrible work (of airline web developers). but they don’t. because of how this system is set.

the whole system, in its turn, is made of cultural beliefs. such as money.

and the money system is filled with beliefs around statistics and tracking. because they are ready ways to exploit ignorance and generate more immediate money.

for sure, if it’s so easy, i should be able to use it to my own advantage…

perhaps i will, eventually. perhaps. i. will…

for now, i’ll keep it low profile.

and thank dries for doing it right so much longer ago while helping me to remove tracking even from youtube! (also thanks to youtube for offering that option).


(still TK)

as the big draft this is, just want to mention this tweet i stumbled upon right now:

Serial, w/ ~250M listeners, makes about $0.002/listener via $500,000 in annual ad revenue.

Chapo Trap House, w/ ~2M listeners, makes over $1/listener via $2,000,000 in annual paid membership revenue.

How does Chapo Trap House do it? They offer a $5/month membership.

a simple and practical example of how much better a no ads model can be.