who never dreamed of making a great film?


first, i want to reference you to a few links:


my youtube performance linked above was completely improvised.

my friend invited me to watch her work, and the guy who would play that role didn’t show up.

i hardly knew anything about what the performance would be, as i live in another city!

i don’t like performances, i didn’t like mine. but it was the first one i saw in person. and being there is a completely different experience than watching it.

my tiktok is even worse.

i hardly enjoy even making them. but i figured that i need to start somewhere. and i like to keep it registered, at least. publicly, of course.

one day i will still make a film of which i am proud.

meanwhile, the first link at least show a few videos i like to share and people seem to enjoy watching. at least those who know me in person.

hope you can extrapolate all this and enjoy my “life making of” on how i will eventually make that great film!