c+aue goes by too many names…



caue speaking.

a skillful former programmer for 20 years, turned into a wildcard person (or something on those lines).

literally living in the wild!


i like to write short [stories], from time to time. you can find latest one (2021 december 7th) about a happy place there, under that stories link.

otherwise, you may find more about me, for now (2021 december), on my outdated website, but mostly around the web.

both cregox and ahoxus sites will (soon enough) go through radical transformations, due to the [achoz] project.

stay tuned! 😘


right now, github hosts ahoxus main website.

soon, we will migrate to a better and hopefully agpl’ed host. perhaps writefreely (see below).

sadly, fossil and other git alternativas do not use agpl3+, so we shall continue with git for everything else…

but keep in mind: git (like most agpl incompatible code) got it all wrong and fooled myself for way too long.

time will tell.


inspired by gnu listing

will work mostly with aGPLed, and free software, focused on development overviews. explaining, handholding, trouble shooting, teaching, etc.

rates: € 500.00/hour + travel + expenses. fixed fee quotes available. negotiable for non-profits.

experience: have hacked and created software on over a dozen languages and stacks, in the past, for over 20 years. created whole commercial system solutions that remained working, untouched and unmaintained, for 15 years. helped rms with words through email, i guess 🤣. got an ubuntu touch phone as primary “wannabe” computing device (current one relies on android with termux) focusing on GNU programs. ahoxus.org/~cregox/resume


coming up soon, perhaps on gumroad.


obviously, cregox@ahoxus.org should work. also +351 918424479

but i do prefer the fediverse nowadays:


currently moving from mastodon to pleroma, both built on #agpl for the win!

check out @cregox@talk.ahoxus.org and writefreely.


i still also recommend delta.chat messenger if you care for true and simple reliance of your own data…

it’s much easier to setup than the fediverse, specially if you use a [better email] (we use gandi.net).