unreliable mind awareness

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we strive for being really aware how the human mind, mainly the brain, is unreliable. optical and auditory illusions are a couple of simple examples of how it consistently malfunctions. and, still…


reality is perfect as it is. filled with imperfections. acceptance of the harmony and balance of the existence brings us the peace of mind and freedom to work towards a better home for everyone of us.

in reality, everything exists, even a pink flying elephant. but it isn’t real, unlike gravity. we strive to explain, philosophically and within a simple language, what makes something exist in reality.


yes, life is hard. death is imminent. destruction is part of it. live with it. focus on the present. every kind of gift. be always kind. and smile.

smiling is a known body hack technique to feel happy. if you ever feel sad and want to change, smile.

and [breath].


language is way too complex and deceiving in many ways. especially human language.

we can only really ever communicate at a ridiculously low rate equivalent to 39bps, and that’s under ideal conditions (which actually is speaking without seeing each other). any other way, the rate will probably drop.

that’s a speed achieved by the very first computers in the 1950s. yet, it’s by far our best and even only way to communicate effectively. everything else, including body language, is “exponentially” more complex and deceiving! when we seem to “sync” in communication is because we can use any language/protocol to get on the same “page” inside each one of us, like accessing the same link in 2 computers, using just the bits of information in a link to open up that same page, and nothing else.


to us, philosophy is on the edge of science. it’s our logical faith in unprovable things. it can only be contested by pure logic. which often might fall back to math, but we consider computer binary logic to be even more fundamental.

science is the real top down approach to philosophy, in a way. it’s also, probably, our best way to test reality. a hard set of tools, that needs to be as skeptical as possible to be effective. and still fails way too often.

and pseudoscience is harmful. we avoid it, at big costs. please, let us know if you spot any big topic unlisted. it’s safe to take wikipedia’s guidance on big topics.


wisdom is applied knowledge. as such, understanding a new concept of the mind by itself already brings wisdom.

seizing the day means being always aware of the whole reality while focusing on the present, rather than forgetting everything else. as anything else in life/reality, it’s a matter of balance between letting go on the conscious voicing mind and keeping in as much valuable data as possible on the top (or back) of the mind. around it. among the whole harmony of existence.

keep in mind santa claus isn’t real, but it exists in our imagination nevertheless. as an anthropomorphized concept of goodness. it might even have been real in the past, somewhere, in a parallel reality, as much as it could still come to exist in our unpredictable future. then again, an abstract concept like time travel isn’t real but it exists as a concept. existence is, thus, broader than reality. which, in its turn, encompasses the whole universe, beyond its physical or scientific definitions.

think about it. make your own inner logic to work in your favour. question everything. and enjoy the ride!


as another instance of our philosophical work: paradoxes are language bugs. when trying to define the world or reality from top down, by describing what we observe, we end up with natural logic holes. computer languages, built from bottom up, have no paradoxes in themselves. they’re pure logic!

but as we try to put those tiny pieces together to build any reality like ours (within our own) the actual bugs (some are clearly a form of paradox, such as an infinite loop) multiply in the poetry (complexity) of the software. in a way, that might be the reason why there are so many computer languages: we (humans) are trying to get rid of the paradoxes!