we used to have a cheap renault19 since the beginning of ahoxus.

january 2021 it would go through its 3rd annual inspection, since cregox bought it for him. it was reproved every time, despite so much preventive care taken. but this time it was different.

annual costs were, on average, 1.5k EUR, including gas and everything.

the car was bought at expensive 900 EUR and its market worth is, in practice, around 300.

fixing it this time would cost 500.

at the same time we saw ion on the internet, in one of our extensive web searches reaching out for an electric car, for the first time one that was affordable: 5500.

plus bitcoin was up.

so we decided to do the switch for real. radically.

the car would pay itself within 7 years, most likely in 5, is the promise now!

there was only 1 big issue: the real range is 80km. in practice, to drive far, we need quick charging stations 50kw, because it only charges at 3.7 on 22 regular stations. and, the average distance between the quick ones might be around 40km. so it’s really hard to drive out of the city!

we tried. 1.7 mega meters (or 1700km) in portugal. almost non stop. took us about 50h in the car.

so we took our craziest money shot-to-date 4 steps higher. ioniq is a much longer story though…

in short, its cost was 20500 to us, real range of 180 makes a huge difference, being the best battery on the market is also a tremendous plus, but it’s worth in portugal is closer to €13k (thanks to the low range) and it is terrible to drive in the city and off-road, compared with ion which is a great drive nearly everywhere!

other than the range and battery, which are technical details of EVs, its only practical advantage over ion is having actual enough space to horizontal sleeping in. with a mattress.

suffice to say: it might have not been (financially) worth it, yet… but the whole thing is so crazy that it might also have been!

sadly, no accountant could ever do this math today.


unless you enjoy pioneering, wait to get your ev until they can do at least 400km, keep their battery range at 100% after 5 years, and can be purchased for 5k EUR.